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Order Steps

1.Click "Price Calculator" to enter the page of online calculating. order_steps_1

2.Select the relevant parameters of the order specification, like quantity, copper thickness, surface treatment and so one. Then the PCB cost would be calculated automatically. Please leave your email address, otherwise the quotation result would not come out successfully. order_steps_2

3.After Results Quote page appearing, please select the delivery country to choose shipping way. Please check the below "manufacturing specifications" as well to confirm all is correct. order_steps_3

4.Please log in with your account to complete the next steps. If you are not a member yet, please register and then log in. order_steps_4

5.Please fulfill the detailed address, zip code and contact phone number which is necessary for shipment. And please upload PCB file and then “submit” the order. order_steps_5

6.Order submitted successfully and pending for audit. Order would be audited at most within 12 hours. You would be informed by email about the audit result. If any question, please email to or contact us online. order_steps_6

7.Order status would be changed and checked on the user center page. order_steps_7