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  • Q:Would you please tell me what kind of information shall I provide for prototyping PCB boards? And how can I pay you?

    A:Please send us your PCB design files and Gerber files are preferred. As for the payment, our PAYPAL account is and we can accept bank transfer and West Union.

  • Q:Can you make the 20*30 cm PCB?

    A:Yes, we can. The Max. Dimension we can do is 50*50cm.

  • Q:Could you tell me which layer is the outline?

    A:Hi, our default outline is kep-out Layer and Mechanical 1. Either one is OK. Both layers exist simultaneously is OK. But please pay attention that the two layers should be same. Otherwise, please indicate clearly.

  • Q:What is the difference between Gold Plated and ENIG? Can ENIG replace Gold Plated?

    A:Gold Plated is just plating a very thin gold on the surface and looks like white color. While after ENIG, it looks golden and good for plating Tin. ENIG is better than Gold Plated so that ENIG can replace gold plated. However, just one thing, ENIG would cost more.

  • Q:Hello, what is the highest temperature does your board can bear? And may I just order 1 pcs boards?

    A:he ordinery boards can bear about130-140 degree. If you need make high TG board, please contact our customer service. And our minimum order is 5 pcs.

  • Q:Hello, is the PCB design files by PROTEUS suitable for production?

    A:Please generate Gerber files and note the format should be 274X.

  • Q:Can you make 8 layers board?

    A:Definitely. Our production capacity is ranging 1 layer to 12 layers.

  • Q:Hi, what is the Min. Space between each board on a panel?

    A:If it is V-cut, the space is zero. If it is CNC router, the minimumspace is 1mm.

  • Q:Have you ever made the boards can bear 150°?

    A:Yes, we can make High TG boards.

  • Q:Could you manufacture the board whose line width/space is 5/5mil and hole size is 0.2 mm?

    A:Yes. The Min. Line width/space we can do is 3/3 mil and the Min hole size is 0.2 mm.Yes. The Min. Line width/space we can do is 3/3 mil and the Min hole size is 0.2 mm.

  • Q:What is the Min. Line width of the letters you can manufacture?

    A:The Min. Line width we can do is 5mil. But we recommend the letters with 6 mil width and 30 mil height.

  • Q:Panel production need charge panel cost. Then why do you make panel to produce to increase the cost?

    A:Hi, thank you for your question, Actually, panel would reduce the cost. For example, if two boards into one panel, we just charge set-up cost and test cost for one time. If produce separately, then we should charge the set-up cost for each, that would be two set-up charge. While the set-up charge is higher than the panel cost.

  • Q:What is your minimum board area?


  • Q:Can I change the address information after order submitted successfully?

    A:Yes, you can. Just log in our system, and you can modify your personel information.

  • Q:How to pay online?

    A:Please log in our system and check your order. Then you can see the payment reminder.

  • Q:How long will it take for prototyping?

    A:Generally speaking, 3 to 5 workdays.

  • Q:Can your company copy boards?

    A:Yes, we can copy boards. Please feel free to contact our customer service directly to talk about the details. Thanks.

  • Q:Hello, if I want to produce several different type PCB boards, shall I upload the Gerber files separately or pack with one zip file? Can your system would reduce the freight cost for me? Thank you in advance.

    A:Hi, thank you for your question. Uploading files separately would do a great help for recording and checking your orders. As for the freight cost, our sales will modify it for you.

  • Q:Will you accept Kicad Format? If not, would you please transfer into Gerber files and then submit? Besides, would you please check the design files for me after order placed? If the design files need to be revised after order placed, may I resend the correct files?

    A:Sorry to inform you that we can not accept KICAD format. We prefer to receive Gerber files. When you place an orer, our sales and engineers would working on your order within 24 hours. If there is any questions need to be confirmed, we will inform you to check your design files and reupload Gerber files.